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Commercial Agency has grown into one of the nation's leading companies, with major business units: which makes commercial Products, technologically advanced Import products., and the Trade Division, which, by using the company's vast global network, deals with a variety of products, including Unique Gadgets Tools, Households and others. Commercial Agency Corporation is now poised to take another giant leap forward, as it positions itself to become a global leader in the twenty-first century, fully committed to its bold drive to create, Export and Import better products and services.

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Colombian Glass - الزجاج الكولومبي

'Colombian Glass - الزجاج الكولومبي'

American Glass - الزجاج الأمريكي

'American Glass - الزجاج الأمريكي'

Italian Glass - الزجاج الايطالي

'Italian Glass - الزجاج الايطالي'

Metal Packages - مجموعة المعادن

'Metal Packages - مجموعة المعادن'

Antiques - الانتيكات

'Antiques - الانتيكات'

Special Package - مجموعة الرفايع

'Special Package - مجموعة الرفايع'

Varieties - منوعات

'Varieties - منوعات'